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  • Will all my dresses in the exactly same colour if I require the same colour?

    If all your dresses are made of the same fabric and in one order,yes,they will be in the exactly same colour.
    If some of the dresses are made of different fabric from other dresses,the colours won’t be exactly same.
    Sometimes,fabrics from different batches also exist slight colour difference. For the same dresses or same fabric dresses in one order,we will use the same batch fabric to make them to avoid colour difference.

  • What if I want a dress in a color that is not listed?

    Our full color swatch contains more than 70 kinds of colors. You can send us a clear picture of the colour you want, we will try to see whether we can match a most similar colour from our real colour chart.

  • Will my dress exactly match the color I see on your website?

    There might be slight colour difference between the actual dress and the screen. But we sure will try our best to match the most similar colour.

  • How can I order a color swatch/Fabric sample?

    we can send some pieces of sample fabrics/Swatch to you.

    #1. send by DHL/UPS

    samples are free but shipping will cost about $15.
    also we can send a whole chiffon color swatch.
    it cost about $40 and it contains more than 70 kinds of chiffon colors.

    #2. send by Air mail

    if you just need a small piece of 1-5 kinds of colors and accept it arrive in 15-20 days, we can send by air mail and it cost $8